Building With Experience

As a longstanding business in the Humboldt area, Brockman Enterprises places great emphasis on building and maintaining customer relationships by ensuring we are available to them whether it be day-to-day services or providing emergency service in the case of a water break, etc.

With over 90 years of experience, we are specialists in providing Commercial & Residential Ready Mix Concrete, Aggregate, and Water/Sewer Installation.

Our company mission is to perform the highest level of work quality within a safe environment, on time and on budget. Brockman Enterprises provides transparency, value and efficient project management to all of our clients while building positive, trustworthy relationships along the way.

Our Services

Brockman Enterprises has been around for over 90 years.

Our focus is provide the highest quality of Ready Mix Concrete, Earthworks, Aggregate Supply and Water & Sewer Services.

Our strong customer relationships, extensive experience and solid reputation as a reliable contractor have helped us grow to be one of the largest excavation and concrete companies in the area.

Ready Mix Concrete

Our certified concrete plant is ran by a group of highly trained and skilled individuals.  We are the only “Certified” concrete plant within a 100 km radius.  We provide all types of concrete ranging from your small patio pad, house construction, bin pads to high strength engineered concrete provided to the various mines and commercial construction sites in the area.  We strive to meet all the demands in today’s construction world in order to provide our customers with the best quality of concrete. 

Earthworks and Water & Sewer

Our earthworks division will do anything from a small project consisting of building a pad for a new garage, digging basement for new house construction to large projects consisting of building roads and pads for new commercial construction.  Our Water and sewer division will do everything from installing or replacing septic tanks, water & sewer services for new house and commercial construction, as well as installing and replacing water and sewer lines in the surrounding communities.  We have assisted many of the surrounding towns and villages in their emergency water & sewer breaks.

Snow Removal Services

Throughout the winter months we provide services to many of the local businesses and residents ranging from clearing snow, hauling snow, sanding lots and streets, and sweeping in the spring after snow melts.

Aggregate Supply

Aggregate materials are essential in most construction projects. Public works, commercial expansion and residential developments rely on such simple building blocks for success. Having worked with these materials for decades, we know quality when we see it.  We have the ability to provide a wide variety of different types of gravel and rock and if we don’t have it in our yard we are more than likely able to get it brought in.


Our modern fleet of equipment is managed and serviced and by our in-house technicians. Whether it’s inside our shop or out in the field with our mobile repair vehicles, we understand the importance of having well-maintained machines and keeping downtime to a minimum. Our current inventory of units is always expanding, providing us with extensive resources to better serve our clients. Our company size combined with our excellent reputation allows us quick access to additional equipment purchases or rentals if required.


City of Humboldt Water & Sewer Main Program – 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

City of Humboldt Centennial Park Parking Lot Project

Humboldt Quill Centre – Earthworks (site and parking lot preparations) and water and sewer services, concrete supply.

BHP Jansen Sub-Station Project – concrete supply to Graham Industrial Services

Horizon School Division Head Office – Earthworks (site and parking lot preparations) and water and sewer services, concrete supply.

Peavey Mart Expansion (Humboldt) - Earthworks (site and parking lot preparations) and water and sewer services, concrete supply.

St. Brieux School addition – concrete supply and earthworks

Humboldt Collegiate Institute – concrete supply and earthworks

Westwood Developments subdivision – water & sewer services and earthworks

SaskWater Melfort Treatment Plant Upgrade Project – water & sewer services


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