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Concrete Delivery Services in Humboldt and surounding area

At Brockman Enterprises our Redi-Mix Concrete Division specializes in supplying our customers with quallty and consistant concrete product mixed to their required strengths.
Our delivery team will deliver the product in a safe and timely manner for what ever your needs are from driveways to basements, shop pads and more.

Concrete is one of the world's most versatile and durable construction materials. Every major construction project, from tunnels and bridges to office buildings, basements, walls and floors, uses concrete in one form or another.  Ready-mix concrete is made from a carefully balanced mixture of aggregates, cement, and water. From this seemingly simple mixture, an incredible variety of forms can be created—and architects, engineers, and builders are constantly finding new uses for concrete.

Concrete Fact: Curing

Curing concrete properly requires the correct control of moisture and temperature to achieve 100% of its potential design strength, and this is critical to the long-term durability. Concrete must be kept as moist as possible for the first seven days after placement. In addition, it must be allowed sufficient drying time before being subjected to freezing temperatures or to de-icing salts. The science related to the practice of a seven-day curing period is:
•Cement, the “active” ingredient in concrete requires constant moisture to gain strength.
•If the concrete is kept moist for the seven-day period, it will gain strength, and will shrink less and produce fewer cracks.
*After 7 days concrete is cured enough to drive on and will keep curing for the next 30 days.

Concrete Fact: Sealing

After the concrete is fully cured, the application of a concrete sealer is highly recommended. The advantages of sealing concrete include:
•Improves appearance
•Makes surfaces easier to clean
•Provides protection against de-icing salts
•Resists mildew and surface staining

Brockman Enterprises is pleased to provide quality first hand service to Humboldt, Muenster, St.Gregor, Englefeld, Watson, Spalding, Naicam, Quill Lake, Clair, Wadena, Dafoe, Jansen, Lanigan, Guernsey, Annaheim, Lake Lenore, St, Brieux, St.Benedict, Middle Lake, Pilger, Faulda, Carmel, Bruno, Meacham for all Concrete cement, Sand, Gravel, Crushing, Earth Moving and Excavation needs.

Brockman Enterprises LTD.
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Humboldt, Saskatchewan

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